Question: How Do You Close A Fork?

How do I delete a fork in Gitlab?

go to forked project.

then from left panel, go to Settings => General .

click the Expand from Advance settings panel.

go to bottom page and click Remove project ..

How do I cancel Forks?

If you’ve forked the project then it’s already under the repository tab on your GitHub profile. Go to settings of that repository and then scroll down, click on delete and you’re done. No it won’t delete the original repository you forked from. Safe to undo your fork this way by deleting the fork you created.

What does it mean to fork?

transitive verb. 1 : to give the form of a fork to forking her fingers. 2 : to attack (two chessmen) simultaneously. 3 : to raise, pitch, dig, or work with a fork fork hay. 4 : pay, contribute —used with over, out, or uphad to fork over $5000.

Can you fork a fork?

No, for a single account as you are unable to create two repositories with the same name (and forks always have the same name). Yes, for multiple accounts. So you could setup an organization for your second fork.