Question: What Do You Mean Board?

What is board used for?

Boards are long flat pieces of wood which are used, for example, to make floors or walls..

What do we say board in English?

board noun (FLAT PIECE) a thin, flat piece of hard material such as wood or plastic: The floor boards of the old house squeaked as he walked across them. A board can be a chalkboard.

What is another word for on board?

What is another word for on board?pendingundecidedinsecureon holduncommittedwithdrawnwithheldout of actioninoperativein remission137 more rows

How do you use on board in a sentence?

Use “on board” in a sentence | “on board” sentence examples As soon as I was on board, I began to have second thoughts about leaving. The hijackers kept the pilot on board the plane as hostage. When all passengers were on board, the train pulled out of the station. There are two restaurants on board ship. Up to two hundred people were on board the ship.More items…•

Which board is good for students?

Central Board of Secondary EducationThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most popular board in India , controlled and managed by Union Government of India. With around 19,316 CBSE affiliated schools in India, the board also has global presence with nearly 141 affiliated schools across 21 countries.

What is the meaning of board the bus?

transitive verb. 1a : to go aboard (something, such as a ship, train, airplane, or bus) boarded a bus to Chicago.

What does it mean to get on board?

To; get on board, is a some what informal phrase that means; To agree with a course of action or opinion.

How do you use the word board?

Board sentence examples”After tomorrow, it’s back to the drawing board,” Quinn said. … I board him at a stable and ride him on weekends. … Nonsense. … This board is authorized to establish and alter sub-districts. … Irv Goldman was in charge of their ill-conceived venture while it was running, so their switch board tells me.More items…

What does I’m on board mean?

It means you’re willing to join someone else with something. ” Want to come with me to the store?” ” I’m on board.” It means you’re willing to join someone else with something.

What is meaning of bored?

/bɔrd, boʊrd/ feeling tired and unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do: He was getting bored doing the same thing every day.

What is the meaning of booed?

Used to express contempt, scorn, or disapproval or to frighten or surprise another. v. booed, boo·ing, boos. To utter a boo. To express contempt, scorn, or disapproval of by booing: booed the singer off the stage.