Question: What Does Core Stand For?

What does the core acronym stand for quizlet?


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What does CORE stand for.

Council of Racial Equality..

What does core stand for in medical terms?

CORE in MedicalCORECenter for Organ Recovery and Education Donation, Pittsburgh, OrganCORECenter for Outcomes Research & Evaluation Health, Outcome, EducationCORECenter for Outcomes Research and Evaluation Education, Medicine, ResearchCORECenter For Outcomes Research Pharmacology, Pharmacy16 more rows

Are core classes important?

The truth is these classes are very important. The goal of general education classes is to provide background and core skills you can later use in your specialty. … You will learn critical thinking skills that help you solve problems. These skills can then be carried over into your specialized professional coursework.

What are non core classes called?

ElectivesMany people know these Non-Core Classes as Electives. Electives, by their very name, refer to classes that are extras, or things that the students choose because they ‘elect’ to do them.

What is the purpose of core curriculum?

It should also provide broad intellectual enrichment through systematic exposure to a diversity of academic experiences. The purpose of the core curriculum in this endeavor is to develop the intellectual skills, habits of thought, ethical values and love of learning that transcend the choice of major.

What is Cire fabric?

Ciré is a highly glazed wax finish applied to fabric through a process of heat and pressure, known as calendering (remember calamanco?) which is giving a wet or polished look. The name can also refer to the fabric or garment with the resultant finish. The process tends to produce a stiffer, crisper fabric per weight.

What is the full form of core?

1, The full form of CORE is Central Operation of Resources for Educators. It’s used on Academic & Science ,Courses in Worldwide. The Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE) is a worldwide distribution center for NASA’s educational multimedia materials.

What is a core requirement?

Core Requirements means the minimum activities required to be provided in any specific service component.

What does Cire stand for?

Commercial Investment Real EstateAlso found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia. Acronym. Definition. CIRE. Commercial Investment Real Estate.

What are the 5 core subjects?

The term ‘core academic subjects’ means English, reading or language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history, and geography.”

What does core stand for in school?

The definition of core curriculum is a set of courses that are considered basic and essential for future class work and graduation. Math, science, English, history and geography are an example of core curriculum in a middle school or high school.

What does the core acronym stand for international business?

Rank Abbr. Meaning. CORE. Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare)