Question: Which Medicines Are Not Allowed In Dubai?

Is paracetamol banned in Dubai?

There is no need to produce any documents unless asked to do so.

Paracetamol, calpol and travel sickness pills are not controlled substances so can be carried into and bought in Dubai..

Can I carry homeopathic medicines to Dubai?

Even if you have a prescription from your local doctor it is not advisable to carry them. For homeopathic medication, you can bring them in – just make sure you carry a letter from your homeopath stating what this is for. Check the list above – if it is a banned drug, you cannot bring it in.

What is not allowed in hand luggage in Dubai?

Things Prohibited in Dubai Airports for Hand Luggage Hammers (all types) Nails and drills (all types) Any sharp tools including screwdrivers. Scissors (all types) or blades (bigger than 6cm)

Can I Courier medicines from India to Dubai?

Can we courier medicines from India to Dubai? Of course you can. But it will fall under the category of Special Items for export for which you’re bound to pay some fees extra. Rest assured that you’ll have the best care possible for your package until it reaches its destination.

Viagra without a prescription in Dubai and the UAE This is asked by many who come to this city for work or to find a job. … Accordingly, it can be concluded that OTC-Viagra can be obtained at pharmacies in Dubai. However, laws may alter; so, you have to always ask around before going to Dubai.

Can we carry medicines to Dubai?

The UAE embassy advice says: “Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months’ supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a visitor and 12 months’ supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor’s letter or a copy of the original prescription.”

Can I take ibuprofen to Dubai?

Paracetamol, calpol and travel sickness pills are not controlled substances so can be carried into and bought in Dubai. Ibuprofen can be carried into and bought in Dubai – it is sold in Dubai under the brand Brufen and you can buy much stronger doses of it in Dubai over the counter than you can in the UK.

Is melatonin allowed in Dubai?

You can buy melatonin at GNC in Dubai. … Before ~2010 it was available off the shelf, now, according to the staff at GNC, it is legal, but since it is considered a hormone, it cannot be on display, so you must request it. You do not need a prescription.

What things are not allowed in Dubai?

What are banned items to have in any luggage?All kinds of narcotic drugs, including hashish, cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds and hallucination pills.Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries.Goods from Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos.Crude ivory and rhinoceros horn.More items…•