Quick Answer: How Do I Comment In Node JS?

How do I comment multiple lines in node JS?

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ .

Any text between /* and */ will be ignored by JavaScript..

How do you write a comment for a function?

Primarily, a single “block” comment should be placed at the top of the function (or file) and describe the purpose the code and any algorithms used to accomplish the goal. In-line comments should be used sparingly, only where the code is not “self-documenting”.

How do you insert a comment with more than one line?

To comment more than one line:Select all the lines that you would like to be commented.Press Ctrl + / Two slashes “//” will be added to the front of each line, causing them to be recognized as a comment.

How do you comment multiple lines in VS code?

To do so, just click on the settings icon in the bottom left of the screen and click ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ and find “toggle block…”. Then click and enter your desired combination. The keyboard shortcut to comment multiple in Windows is shift + alt + A .

How do you comment out JavaScript code?

As we know from the chapter Code structure, comments can be single-line: starting with // and multiline: /* … */ . We normally use them to describe how and why the code works. At first sight, commenting might be obvious, but novices in programming often use them wrongly.

How do you comment a script tag?

CommentsSelect some JavaScript code inside of a