Quick Answer: Is Junko Enoshima Still Alive?

Does Junko Enoshima come back to life?

Surprisingly, however, aspiringly, Junko accepts her execution as it is self inflicting of despair, and sadly, she dies, by each of the previously used execution methods.

But don’t worrie fans, this isn’t the end of Junko.

She comes back in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair the PSP game as a virus in the school system!.

Did Junko kill her sister?

However, on a whim, Junko decided to kill her sister for real and Mukuro was brutally impaled by Monokuma with numerous spears, dubbed “Heavenly Spear, Gungnir”.

What is Junko posing?

“Junko posing,” a trend that sees TikTokers switching between four of the character’s iconic game poses, typically plays out to the sounds of Sporty-O’s “Let Me Hit It,” which had a meme career of its own in the early 2010s.

Does Makoto die?

Following the fifth trial, just before Makoto’s execution can be completed, Alter Ego suddenly appears and is able to prevent Makoto from dying by opening up a door on the floor. He is then rescued by Kyoko, going on to defeat Junko herself and survive the whole ordeal.

Will Danganronpa 4 happen?

It’s quite possible, but will most definitely not happen anytime soon, a new one will be started most likely several years from now, as the creator has taken a break for now to work on his own independent game studio, along with some others who worked on the Danganronpa series.

Did Sayaka have crush on Makoto?

Makoto’s crush on Sayaka is also confirmed in the first anime’s relationship chart. The chart does not mention her liking him back and it has not been explicitly stated that she returned his romantic feelings, however, it is heavily implied in one of Sayaka’s Free Time Events.

Who is the most Cosplayed character?

Junko Enoshima Cosplay1 – Junko Enoshima Cosplay Finally, Junko Enoshima is the most cosplayed Danganronpa character of all time. And this is not an opinion, she actually is! Not to mention how dear she is to many of the series’ fans.

Who did Junko kill?

During Chapter 1, she killed her own twin sister, Mukuro Ikusaba, in front of all of the students so the students would fear Monokuma and not go against him. The real reason for Mukuro’s death was because she acted as a “poor actor” whilst trying to portray Junko.

Is Junko Enoshima really dead?

Junko Enoshima did not die.

Does Junko love Mikan?

Mikan is brainwashed by Junko, and acted towards her in a way similar to Mukuro Ikusaba, only much more insane and unnatural. She is glad when Junko abuses her or gives her attention, and learns to share Junko’s love of despair.

How did Junko fake her death?

It means the Junko Enoshima who appears in those photos isn’t the Junko Enoshima we know! … Mukuro Ikusaba switched identities with Enoshima Junko before she met us. And then, the real Junko Enoshima faked her own death by killing Mukuro Ikusaba… …and is still alive.

Why is blood pink in Danganronpa?

According to the Something Awful playthrough thread for the game: Because of the intricacies of the Japanese game rating system, blood in this game is colored pink. … The game uses pop art, a bright and colorful style, as a way to contrast the dark subject matter of murder.

Is Korekiyo Shinguji a girl?

Early Life. Korekiyo Shinguji was a normal talentless high school boy who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa.

Why did Junko kill Chiaki?

Junko Enoshima Her initial plan was to let Chiaki watch the Despair video, but upon realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair.

Does Naegi like Kirigiri?

They both admit to wanting to become closer and looking forward to the day it happens. In Danganronpa: IF, Junko Enoshima gets under Mukuro Ikusaba’s skin by heavily suggesting Naegi has feelings for Kirigiri several times. She also implies that Naegi had a crush on Kirigiri before Class 78 lost their memories.

When did Junko die?

Murder of Junko FurutaJunko FurutaBorn18 January 1971 Misato, Saitama, JapanDied4 January 1989 (aged 17) Adachi, Tokyo, JapanCause of deathTraumatic shockBody discoveredKōtō City, Tokyo, Japan16 more rows

Why did Junko kill herself?

her despair was to create hope for others. By executing herself, she was not only able to give hope to everyone, but also created despair for herself by creating that hope for everyone else. Thus the swirly despair-eyes we see at the end of Episode 13 from Junko Enoshima.

Who did Junko love?

Junko EnoshimaAffiliationUltimate DespairOccupationHigh School StudentPartner(s)Mukuro IkusabaVoice Actor(s)22 more rows

How is Junko alive in Danganronpa 3?

Goodbye Despair, and Danganronpa 3 Mirai-hen both take place after Trigger Happy Havoc, so thus she is dead. The Junko who appeared in Goodbye Despair was actually an AI named Alter-Ego Junko. And she only appears at the end of the final episode of Mirai-hen: … And In V3: Killing Harmony, it wasn’t really Junko.

Is Monokuma dead?

Cornered by his own attempts to conceal Junko’s identity, Monokuma appeared defeated, but this only prompted Junko herself to make her appearance. After Junko was found as the guilty murder, she and Monokuma executed themselves in the The Ultimate Punishment.